Kamen Rider Ex-Aid - DX Buggle Driver Ⅱ & Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat


DX Buggle Driver Ⅱ & Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat

By: Bandai
Date Released: May, 2017
Franchise: Kamen Rider
Show: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Toy Line: DX Rider Gashat Series
Ships via: SAL Registered, Airmail Registered, and EMS


  • DX Gashacon Bugvisor Ⅱ
  • DX Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat
  • Belt Straps
  • Handle
  • Instruction in Japanese

Using the Bugster Buckle II, Users can attach the Gashacon Bugvisor II to their waist to operate as the Buggle Driver II. Included is the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat. The Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat has several sounds on its own, including the transformation sound for the Ride Players in the game. Using this Gashat, Kamen Rider Cronus can transform into Chronicle Gamer! The Gashat can also be used in the Gamer Driver for various Ride Player and other Level transformation sounds as normal. It can also be used in the Kimewaza Slot Holder and Gashacon Weapons for the usual Critical Strike and Critical Finish sounds. The Gashacon Bugvisor II on its own can generate attack sounds for the Beam Gun Mode and Chainsaw Modes. The Buggle Driver II is primiarily designed to function with the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat and the DX Toki Meki Crisis Gashat, and has those individual critical attacks programmed into the toy.

Vendor: Bandai

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