[Spring Sale 2017] Kamen Rider Drive TK 11 Type Tridoron



(Tire Koukan Series) TK11 - Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron

By: Bandai
Date Released: July, 2015
Franchise: Kamen Rider
Show: Kamen Rider Drive
Toy Line: Tire Koukan Series
Ships via: SAL Registered, Airmail Registered, and EMS

Type Tridoron Base Body
Tridoron Tire
People Saver Tire

Start your engines! Kamen Rider Drive has sped onto the scene of the crime! Drive’s gimmick figure line is the Tire Koukan Series. This series lets you take Kamen Rider Drive and attach the various tires to him to give him new looks and abilities. TK11 brings us Drive’s last form, known as Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron. Type Tridoron unites all the powers of the Shift Cars into one form. The toy can use any tires on its chest, but only the People Saver tire is included, despite having a number of options to transform into. Unplug the left shoulder to place any previously released tire in the line. Like the show, the figure has the ability to switch between Shinnosuke and Belt-San in the driver’s seat via a knob on the side of his head. Join us for our eleventh and final entry into the series.

Vendor: Bandai

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