[CLOSED Jun. 2016] Premium Bandai Exclusive: Sentai Hero Series SP - Zyuohger Instincts Awakened Sofubi 5-Piece Set (Feb. 21st - Mar. 6th)

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Premium Bandai Exclusive - Sentai Hero Series SP Zyuohger Instincts Awakened Sofubi 5-Piece Set


By: Premium Bandai
Date Released: June, 2016
Franchise: Super Sentai
Show: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger
Ships via: Registered SAL, Registered Airmail, or EMS
This item is a limited edition Premium Bandai Exclusive.

Zyuoh Eagle (Instincts Awakened)
Zyuoh Shark (Instincts Awakened)
Zyuoh Lion (Instincts Awakened)
Zyuoh Elephant (Instincts Awakened)
Zyuoh Tiger (Instincts Awakened)

Zyuohger may have just begun, but Premium Bandai is already pumping out those premium items. First up is a collection of the five Sentai Hero Series figures. What makes these unique however is that these versions of the figures contain the Zyuohger in their Instincts Awakened mode! This mode gives them access to their animal traits. Zyuoh Eagle has wings, Zyuoh Shark has a back fin, Zyuoh Lion and Zyuoh Tiger have claws, while Zyuoh Elephant has feet! Each figure is sculpted to reflect their special trait. Each figure stands roughly 160mm tall and contains the usual swivels at the arms and waist. Also included is Zyuoh Eagle’s signature weapon, the Eaglizer. If the normal editions of these toys aren’t enough for you, awaken your own instincts and grab this exclusive set.

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