[CLOSED Jan. 2016] Tamashii Web Exclusive - S.H.Figuarts Omegamon [Our War Game] (Aug. 2nd - Sep. 6th)


Tamashii Web Exclusive - S.H.Figuarts Omegamon [Our War Game]

Price: ¥9,000
Pre-Order Ends: September 6th, 2015 or at 6 Orders

By: Tamashii Nations
Date Released: January, 2016
Franchise: Digimon
Film: Digimon: Our War Game
Ships via: EMS ONLY
This item is a limited edition Tamashii Web Exclusive.

Cloth Cape
Grey Sword
Garuru Cannon
Yamato Shoulder Mount
Taichi Shoulder Mount
Cape holding parts
Tamashii Stage

Omegamon was a sought after release in the D-Arts line years ago, and with the Digimon getting various re-releases and new versions, it’s Omegamon’s turn to once again shine. Unlike the previous release, this Omegamon is designed to closely resemble his first appearance in the film Our War Game. Where as the original used more metallic, darker colors, this release focuses on bright, animation like colors to highlight the design of the figure. The toy includes the Grey Sword and Garuru Cannon parts, as well as two new pieces to put a clear blue Yamato and a clear orange Taichi on his shoulders. Finally, above all else, Omegamon is the first S.H.Figuarts toy to include a cloth cape as an accessory, doing way with the static, plastic version found in the original toy. Various effect pieces will be included to aid in posing the cloth cape. Don’t let this amazing release be deleted forever! Omegamon is a Tamashii Web Exclusive. Once stock is gone, it will not be available again.


This is a pre-order item and is currently not released. Once the item arrives at our office, you will receive a PayPal invoice for the EMS shipping on the item. Your item will be shipped on our next shipping day after payment is received.

1.) All pre-orders are EMS shipping only. EMS is the most secure and reliable service to ship these premium items.
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3.) Once pre-ordered, the item can not be cancelled. All payments are final.

Once we have received 6 orders of this item, this pre-order will close. If we do not receive 6 orders, this pre-order will close five weeks after activation on September 6th, 2015.

Vendor: Bandai

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