Chou Hakkou! DX Ultraman Ginga


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Chou Hakkou! DX Ultraman Ginga

By: Bandai
Date Released: October, 2013
Franchise: Ultraman
Show: Ultraman Ginga
Toy Line: Chou Hakkou
Ships via: SAL Registered, Airmail Registered, and EMS

Ultraman Ginga light up figure

This multicolor LED filled Ginga stands a tall 360mm tall! While this Ginga doesn’t have any sort of poseability, it does offer a large collective of LED colors and sounds. Turn the switch on the back to see Ginga burst into a series of colors as Hikaru shouts “Ultraman Ginga!” Press the button on the back to cycle through Ultraman Ginga’s various colors and attacks: the red Ginga Fireball, the purple Ginga Slash, the blue Ginga Cross Shoot, the green Ginga Comfort, the yellow Ginga Thunderbolt, the pink Ginga Sunshine, and the silver Ginga Saber in that order. There’s no way to select the attack, and if the toy is left to run after an attack is initiated, it will cycle back to Ginga Fireball. The toy does feature a special Demo Mode. When the button is held and the toy is turned on, after holding down the button until the phrase is finished, it will cycle through the seven attacks and colors without the need to press the button on his back. Once it has concluded, it will do quite the light show, showing off the true beauty of the multicolored LEDs. The toy features a seven color LED in his head crest, chest crest, arm gauntlets, and shin guards. The lights from these LEDS glow past those pieces, to present a wonderful glowing body. While not poseable, the toy offers a number of sounds and makes a very beautiful display piece.

Vendor: Bandai

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