Kamen Rider Decade: Legend Transformation Gun Ver. 20th DX Diend Driver

The Diend Driver was a bit of an infamous toy in the Rider community. When it first released in Kamen Rider Decade, the toy had no card reading functionality, leaving many fans to be infuriated with the toy. This was eventually rectified with the amazing CSM release, and again with the DX Neo Diend Driver release during Kamen Rider Zi-O. To give fans who may like the original Diend Driver more, and missed the CSM, Bandai is giving fans a chance again with the next release in the "ver. 20th" series of toys.

This release of the Diend Driver looks like the original (and in fact looks a LOT like the CSM!) but functions closer in line with the Neo Diend Driver. While this set only includes the original Heisei Secondary Riders, it's believed that the internal soundboard is the same as the Neo Diend Driver, so if you have all of those bonus cards from the Neo releases, they should work with this version of the Diend Driver! That, however, is not 100% confirmed.


By: Premium Bandai
Date Released: April 2020
Franchise: Kamen Rider
Series: Kamen Rider Decade
Ships via: Registered SAL, Registered Airmail, or EMS
This item is a limited edition Premium Bandai Exclusive.

DX Diend Driver -20th ver.-
Card Holder (Holds 18 Cards)
5 Attack Ride Cards
1 Final Attack Ride Card
9 Secondary Rider Kamen Ride Cards (G3, Knight, Kaixa

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