Ultraman: UHS 01-40 & 2EX Vinyl Figure Complete Set

Condition: Mint Condition with Original Display Packages
Date Released: November 2009
Franchise: Ultraman
Show: Ultraman Gaia
Toy Line:Ultra Hero Series
Ships via: SAL Registered, Airmail Registered, and EMS.

  • UHS 01 Ultraman
  • UHS 02 Zoffy
  • UHS 03 Ultra Seven
  • UHS 04 Jack
  • UHS 05 Ace
  • UHS 06 Taro
  • UHS 07 Father
  • UHS 08 Mother
  • UHS 09 Leo
  • UHS 10 Astra
  • UHS 11 King
  • UHS 12 Eighty
  • UHS 13 Saga
  • UHS 14 Nexus (Junis Blue)
  • UHS 15 Tiga Multi Type
  • UHS 16 Tiga Power type
  • UHS 17 Tiga Sky Type
  • UHS 18 Dyna Flash Type
  • UHS 19 Dyna Strong Type
  • UHS 20 Dyna Miracle Type
  • UHS 21 Gaia V2
  • UHS 22 Gaia Supreme Ver.
  • UHS 23 Agul 
  • UHS 24 Agul V2
  • UHS 25 Neos
  • UHS 26 Zearth
  • UHS 27 Cosmos Eclipse Mode
  • UHS 28 Cosmos Luna Mode
  • UHS 29 Cosmos Corona Mode
  • UHS 30 Justice Crusher Mode
  • UHS 31 Legend
  • UHS 32 Nexus Junis
  • UHS 33 Noa
  • UHS 34 Max
  • UHS 35 Xenon
  • UHS 36 Mebius
  • UHS 37 Tsurugi
  • UHS 38 Hikari
  • UHS 39 Mebius Phoenix Brave
  • UHS 40 Zero
  • EX Darkness
  • EX Shining Ultraman Zero
  • [Extra] Ultraman Ginga Spark Doll Plastic Sheet (Approx. 42cm x 30 cm) 

This is a static pose figure made of PVC vinyl. The only points of articulation are in the shoulders and waist via rotation. The figure stands roughly 170 mm tall.

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