Ultraman Geed: SG Ultra Capsule 1 - 7 Tyrant Kaiju Capsule


Ultraman Geed: SG Ultra Capsule 1 - Tyrant Kaiju Capsule


By: Bandai
Date Released: August 2017
Franchise: Ultraman
Series: Ultraman Geed
Ships via: Registered SAL, Registered Airmail, or EMS

* SG Tyrant Kaiju Capsule

You go! I go! Here we go! The Ultra Capsule line expands with the SG Ultra Capsule series. As with most Bandai products, SG is a candy toy series that brings your favorite gimmick toys to Bandai’s candy toy world. Ultra Capsules, being incredibly simple toys, don’t have a difference between their DX and SG counterparts besides slight color differentiation on the inside stickers due to printing quality. The sliding and scanning functions are identical.

This is the SG Ultra Capsule 1 release of the Tyrant Kaiju Capsule. Scan with the Geed Riser to hear kaiju roars and attacks! Scan with the Gomora Kaiju Capsule to create Strong Gomorant!

Vendor: Bandai

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