Kamen Rider Ex-Aid - Candy Toy SG Rider Gashat 06: 02 Meitantei Double Gashat


Candy Toy Meitantei Double Gashat

Manufactured By: Bandai
Date Released: July 2017
Franchise: Kamen Rider
Show: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Toy Line: Candy Toy Gashat Series
Ships via: SAL Registered, Airmail Registered, and EMS


  • Candy Toy Meitantei Double Gashat

The Candy Toy series of Gashat come in individual boxes and are already assembled. Sounds of the toy are limited to activation, Level 1 transformation, and the base transformation for that level of Gashat, as well as an exclusive Kamen Rider announcement sound. Sounds are truncated compared to the DX Gashat. Unfortunately, Candy Toy Gashat have no LEDs, and instead contained colored outlines on their screen to emulate the effect. While not the best replacement for DX Gashat, it serves as a great cosplay or display item.

This is the SG Rider Gashat 06 release of Meitantei Double, the Legend Rider Gashat for Kamen Rider W.

Vendor: Bandai

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