Shikoku Tourism: 四国食遊  Shikoku Culinary Tourism Ep.7 -Wild Lunch with BBQ Samurai-

Shikoku Tourism: 四国食遊 Shikoku Culinary Tourism Ep.7 -Wild Lunch with BBQ Samurai-

◉ Location: Nametoko Gorge

【Today's Menu】

◉Wiener Rolls

Wieners are small sausages made from sheep intestines, loved in Japan for their ease of cooking and taste. BBQ master Ryoma Nikumoto, known as BBQ Samurai, skewers them, wraps in dough, and grills over charcoal. He adds sake lees (a byproduct of sake making) for unique flavor. The sake lees are from the "Nobushi" brewery we visited. The grilled wiener rolls have a distinct aroma and sweet, yeasty flavor.

Grilled Whole Chicken and Vegetables on a Campfire

Using cherry branches for charcoal grilling infuses the chicken with a unique cherry aroma, enhancing its flavor. The BBQ Samurai's katana is a custom-made BBQ tool, not an actual sword, so there's no need to worry ;) Unlike traditional samurai swordsmanship, the BBQ Samurai aims to add an element of entertainment to outdoor cooking, and we greatly enjoyed our "samurai training" with him.

In Japan, it is customary to say "itadakimasu" before meals, a word of gratitude. "Itadaku" means to receive, expressing appreciation for the lives of plants and animals that became food, as well as respect for all the processes that brought the food to our table. This short, easy-to-remember phrase encapsulates a deep cultural appreciation and respect.

Baked Apple Taiyaki and Campfire Coffee

After enjoying wild meat dishes, don't you crave a gentle sweetness and coffee? No worries, BBQ Samurai has got you covered.

Listening to the sound of the stream echoing through Nametoko Gorge, Mr. Nikumoto prepares freshly roasted coffee. The aroma of the carefully brewed coffee gently spreads around the campfire.

Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese confectionery shaped like a sea bream. It is made primarily from wheat flour dough and usually filled with sweet red bean paste (anko). The exterior is crispy, while the interior is characterized by the sweet, moist filling. However, since some overseas guests might not be fond of anko, BBQ Samurai adds a twist. By using baked apple instead of anko, the taiyaki retains its crispy exterior while the inside is filled with sweet and tart baked apple. This creates a delicious treat reminiscent of an apple pie, representing a fusion of Japanese and Western cultures.

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"Shikoku Tourism" is one of our FM radio segments for "Uwajima World Link." The show's host, Masaki Seike, Director of CSTOYS International, seeks a new adventure beyond the Tokusatsu. You can find the series of our journey from HERE

Join us, and off we go! 

Masaki Seike

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Question We were Often asked: 

  • Q: Why a toy seller is on the radio and introducing local Japan?
  • A: Good Question! For over one decade, we have made many friends and customers abroad, and we want them ( and YOU!) to know all the tokusatsu films, shows, and toys are enriched by Japanese unique culture and history. If you have any tokusatsu toys, we want you to explore beyond the toys and one day meet with us here in Japan, where all Tokusatsu stories started. We are CSTOYS, but not just toys ;D
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