Shikoku Tourism: 四国食遊  Shikoku Culinary Tourism Ep.5 -Gourmet Matsuno III-

Shikoku Tourism: 四国食遊 Shikoku Culinary Tourism Ep.5 -Gourmet Matsuno III-

◉ Location: BBQ Castle & BBQ Samurai

【Today's Menu】

First Bonito Tataki with Red and White Salt


Katsuo no Tataki, a celebrated dish from Kochi Prefecture, features lightly seared fresh bonito. The outer layer is quickly cooked, leaving the inside raw to enhance its flavor. It's garnished with green onions, garlic, and ginger, and seasoned with ponzu or a soy-based dressing. This dish highlights the seasonal peaks of bonito, including the 'first catch' and the fatty 'returning bonito.' To celebrate Jack's marriage before visiting Ehime, BBQ Samurai served it with plain white and pink Ume-Shio salt. The red and white 'Kohaku' color combination symbolizes harmony and joy in Japan, used in special occasions to reflect longevity, happiness, health, and prosperity.

Using Organically-Grown Rice Straw

The Katsuo no Tataki served at BBQ Castle is grilled using rice straw that is organically grown in Matsuno Town, allowing you to enjoy it with peace of mind.

Seasonal Citrus Dessert with Setoka

Setoka is a variety of citrus cultivated in Japan, notable for its exceptionally high sugar content. This fruit is juicy with a strong sweetness balanced by a slight acidity. It features a thin skin that can be easily peeled by hand, making it very convenient to eat. Setoka is also renowned for its delightful aroma, and it's used not only for fresh consumption but also in desserts, juices, and salads. It is popular in processed forms as well, such as in jams and jellies. Cultivated primarily in warm climates, production thrives in regions like Shikoku and Kyushu in Japan. The peak season for Setoka is from winter to spring, when they are at their most delicious in the market.

Due to its sweetness, appealing scent, and ease of handling, Setoka is a highly popular citrus fruit within Japan.

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"Shikoku Tourism" is one of our FM radio segments for "Uwajima World Link." The show's host, Masaki Seike, Director of CSTOYS International, seeks a new adventure beyond the Tokusatsu. You can find the series of our journey from HERE

Join us, and off we go! 

Masaki Seike

CSTOYS International


Question We were Often asked: 

  • Q: Why a toy seller is on the radio and introducing local Japan?
  • A: Good Question! For over one decade, we have made many friends and customers abroad, and we want them ( and YOU!) to know all the tokusatsu films, shows, and toys are enriched by Japanese unique culture and history. If you have any tokusatsu toys, we want you to explore beyond the toys and one day meet with us here in Japan, where all Tokusatsu stories started. We are CSTOYS, but not just toys ;D
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