Shikoku Tourism S.7: 四国食遊  Shikoku Culinary Tourism Ep.3 -Gourmet Matsuno I -

Shikoku Tourism S.7: 四国食遊 Shikoku Culinary Tourism Ep.3 -Gourmet Matsuno I -

◉ Location: BBQ Castle & BBQ Samurai

【Today's Menu】

◉ Charcoal Grilled Scarlet Scallops with Toasted & Melted Miso Cheese Butter

The scarlet scallop, known for its vivid red shell, is a rare type of shellfish primarily found in Japanese waters. It is treasured as a gourmet ingredient for its beautiful appearance and flavor. The meat is tender and has a unique sweetness, making it suitable for a variety of dishes. Scarlet scallops are extremely delicate; they can only survive for about a day after being caught and are difficult to cultivate in aquariums. Therefore, they are rarely distributed far from their place of origin and are considered very rare. Dishes using butter or miso are popular ways to enhance the flavor of scarlet scallops, making them a recommended delicacy for special occasions.



◉Garlic Olive Oil Stir-Fried Thick-Cut Bonito with White Leek

Matsuno Town, located in the inland area of Shikoku, is uniquely positioned between the Uwa Sea to the west in Ehime and the Pacific Ocean to the east in Kochi. This location has historically allowed it to access a rich bounty of seafood from both seas. Kochi is particularly famous for its bonito, and delicious bonito dishes can be enjoyed throughout the year. The peak seasons for bonito are spring, from March to May, and autumn, from September to November, when they are especially tasty. Garlic Olive Oil Stir-Fried Thick-Cut Bonito with White Leek is a luxurious dish where thick slices of bonito are lightly fried in olive oil and garlic. It is best enjoyed rare to savor the full flavor.




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"Shikoku Tourism" is one of our FM radio segments for "Uwajima World Link." The show's host, Masaki Seike, Director of CSTOYS International, seeks a new adventure beyond the Tokusatsu. You can find the series of our journey from HERE

Join us, and off we go! 

Masaki Seike

CSTOYS International



Question We were Often asked: 

  • Q: Why a toy seller is on the radio and introducing local Japan?
  • A: Good Question! For over one decade, we have made many friends and customers abroad, and we want them ( and YOU!) to know all the tokusatsu films, shows, and toys are enriched by Japanese unique culture and history. If you have any tokusatsu toys, we want you to explore beyond the toys and one day meet with us here in Japan, where all Tokusatsu stories started. We are CSTOYS, but not just toys ;D
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