Weekly Tokusatsu Trivia Quiz Week 67

Weekly Tokusatsu Trivia Quiz Week 67

Masaki Seike

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Weekly Tokusatsu Trivia Quiz Week 67

The Quiz will be live-streamed around 1:20 PM JST, Wednesday Jan. 31st. 

How to play the Quiz / クイズの遊び方

  1. Before the first question starts, participants get to enter your avatar name or Initials  (ATTN: PLEASE DO NOT USE any offensive words or names.)   / 最初の質問が始まる前に、参加者はニックネームを入力してください。
  2. The question appears and the participants need to answer before the countdown ends / 質問が表示され、参加者はカウントダウンが終わる前に答える必要があります。
  3. Wrong or no answer gives zero points / 答えが間違っていたり、答えがない場合はゼロポイントとなります。
  4. You can choose to show a leaderboard after each question to show who's in the lead / リーダーボードは誰がリードしているかを表します。
  5. At the last Quiz leaderboard, the final winner is revealed! / 最後のクイズリーダーボードで、最終的な勝者が明らかになります。


What is this about?

Weekly Tokusatsu Trivia Quiz is for everyone who loves Tokusatsu and build their knowledge and experience. Each week we get a few Tokusatsu quiz from our friends online and we introduce them in the radio show in English & Japanese. 

The Questions will be answered during the live stream, and the entire quiz slides will be embedded here on this page for you to review the result anytime. Good luck and have fun!


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