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Capsule Toy Ultimate Luminous Ultraman 04: 04 - Ultraman Mebius with Gas Tank Luminous Set


Ultimate Luminous Ultraman 04: Ultraman Mebius with Gas Tank and Luminous Unit Set

By: Bandai
Date Released: September 2017
Franchise: Ultraman
Show: Ultraman Mebius
Toy Line: Ultimate Luminous Ultraman
Ships via: SAL Registered, Airmail Registered, and EMS

Ultraman Mebius figure
Gas Tank Unit
Luminous Unit

Ultimate Luminous Ultraman is a brand new capsule toy series brought to you by Bandai with an incredibly unique gimmick. The set as a whole includes figures for Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Mebius. There is also an additional capsule that contains a small in-scale building unit, as well as a small light up bulb called a Luminous Unit. Another will contain a small in-scale gas tank unit, as well as a Luminous Unit. This unit can be inserted into the building or gas tank to light it up, or inserted into the back of either Ultraman Ace or Ultraman Mebius to make their eyes and color timer light up as well! This set contains one Ultraman Mebius figure, as well as one gas tank and Luminous Unit set together!

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