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Godzilla is the King of Monsters. Godzilla first appeared in the 1954 film Godzilla and has since starred in over 25 films, television series, video games, comics, and more. While his size and shape has always changed, the core of Godzilla has always been about fantastic monster vs. monster battles. That’s not to say the military doesn’t try to fight, but lets be real, who is going to win? After all, he is the King of Monsters.

While most of Godzilla’s popular toys come from collectors grade product like the S.H.MonsterArts line, there are several vinyl figure lines that star the King of Monsters. Additionally, the recent Legendary Pictures Godzilla film spawned a unique toy line featuring collectible figures, action feature figures, and more.

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CSTOYS INTERNATIONAL:Movie Monster Series Mecha Godzilla (2004)
Movie Monster Series Mecha Godzilla (2004)
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