[Youtube Live] The Alternative Show starting from 3 PM JST today (2018/09/22)

September 22, 2018

Due to the business session we had last night in Fukuoka Prefecture (about 1 hour flight from Matsuyama) , we will have to move the starting time for today's show from 3 PM JST to 5 PM JST. My flight will land in Matsuyama City around 1:30 PM JST and it should give me enough time to go back to my office and get ready for today's livestream ;D
For this week's new items, we have 24 DX Ryuki Ride Watches and that is not at all. We also have the restocks for 16 DX Ex-Aid Ride Watches and 30 DX Build Ride Watches!! Plus, our regular restocks and more great findings from our toy hunting trip from this week as well. 
Enjoy our livestream & demo with our chat community and check us out on our Sunday activation at 8 PM JST this coming Sunday ;) 
Kamen Rider Zi-O
  • DX Ryuki Ride Watch (NEW!) 
  • DX Ex-Aid Ride Watch
  • DX Build Ride Watch (RESTOCKED)
  • DX Geiz Ride Watch
  • DX Ziku Driver & Ride Watch Holder Set
  • DX Ziku Driver
  • RHS04 Kamen Rider Geiz Ghost Armor
    Used Toys
    • [BOXED] DX Dekaranger Robo
    • [BOXED] DX Time Shadow
    • [BOXED] DX Gingai-Oh Black Ver.(RARE)
    • [LOOSE] DX King Pyramider
    • [LOOSE] DX Ryuteioh Set
    • [LOOSE] DX Kyurenoh
    • [LOOSE] DX Gamer Driver
    • [LOOSE] DX BuildDai-Oh
    • [LOOSE] DX ToQ-Oh
    • [LOOSE] DX Drive Driver
    • [LOOSE] DX Deka Base Robo
    • [LOOSE] DX Gigant Bragi-Oh
    • [LOOSE] DX Red Puncher
    • [LOOSE] DX Transteam Gun & Steam Blade
    • [LOOSE] DX Kivat Belt
    • [LOOSE] DX Henshinjyuu Gabutyra de Carnival
    • [LOOSE] DX Dekaranger Robo
    • [LOOSE] DX GT-02 Gorilla
    • [LOOSE] DX Gaburi Changer
    • [LOOSE] DX RH-03 Rabbit
    • [LOOSE] DX Seiza Blaster
    • [LOOSE] DX Xtreme Memory
    • [LOOSE] DX ToQ Ressha: Go Buster
    • [LOOSE] DX ToQ Ressha: Go-Onger
    • [LOOSE] DX ToQ Ressha: Kyoryuger
    • [LOOSE] DX ToQ Ressha: Uokaiger
    • [LOOSE] DX ToQ Police Ressha
    All of these items will be bought to our store this coming Sunday at 8 PM JST. Please check our count down timer at our store at www.cstoysjapan.com and don't let anyone have your target toys :)
    CSTOYS International

    “CSTOYS’ Alternative Show" is one of our live stream shows at our YouTube Channel (http://bit.ly/1FBFEEr). We do this show every Saturday, 2 - 4 PM J.S.T. and we unbox the newly arrived for the week and demo them. 

    Join the chat in this channel, you need to registered at YouTube first, and sign in, visit our channel (http://bit.ly/1FBFEEr) and please subscribe us. Join the chat and experience the excitement of unboxing the latest toys with your toku friends from around the world :)

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    [Toku Wave LIVE #287] What? KR Agito does not have his CSM Belt yet!? (2018/11/12)

    November 11, 2018

    So it it no secret that Kamen Rider Agito, the 2nd Heisei Rider, does not have his "Alter Ring (known as DX Triple Flash Henshin Belt) " in the Complete Selection Modification line until now. Not fair :( 

    Knowing other Kamen Riders get their CSM releases, and we have not heard the good news for Agito at this point if we are correct. 

    So this week, let's talk about that!

    Remember that every music request you send to us is entitled for our weekly drawing. The winner will be announced at the end of our radio program for his or her prize! 

    The Prize: Capsule Toy Kamen Rider Zi-O: GP Ride Watch Build Ride Watch

    So don't wait! Send us Your Favorite Tokusatsu Music, from the links below:

    -Kamen Rider Music Request Form: https://form.jotform.com/61733125359961
    -Super Sentai Music Request Form: https://form.jotform.com/61733266088966
    -Ultraman Music Request Form: https://form.jotform.com/71398153914967

    It is super easy to request your Toku music and we will play your favorite music on our internet radio together with your name & Toku love to be heard!

    CSTOYS International

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    [2001] Agito: Triple Flash DX Henshin Belt
    [2001] Agito: Triple Flash DX Henshin Belt

    November 11, 2018

    - The Alter Ring

    Kamen Rider Agito continued the Heisei Rider series as a spiritual successor to Kuuga. While initially having some small references to the 2000 series, the show eventually set those aside and continued to be its own independent story. Kamen Rider Agito transformed with the Alter Ring (known simply as the "Triple Flash DX Henshin Belt" in the toy line). Much like Kuuga's Arcle, it would appear when summoned from within by Shouichi and used to transform. The toy, much like the Arcle, was able to transform between Agito's Ground Form, Storm Form, and Flame Form. With an additional piece, sounds for the Burning and Shining Forms were also obtainable. Unfortunately due to the loud motor for the middle spinner, a lot of the sounds are difficult to hear.

    Agito was also the first series in the Heisei Era to feature more than one Rider with the arrival of Kamen Rider Gills and Another Agito. Both Gills and Another Agito didn't use transformation belts, instead simply transforming from their human forms to their "Agito" forms after saying the iconic "Henshin!". However, both characters featured a belt like feature on their designs. Kamen Rider Gills sported the Meta Factor while Another Agito sported the Ank Point. The Meta Factor was released in toy form in a special Kamen Rider Gills roleplay set, though it featured only a few sounds and was a more simplified release. The Ank Point was unfortunately never released.

    Join us next week for the belts of Kamen Rider Ryuki!

      Contributor: Collector Shuki

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    [CSTOYS Premier] The Completion of Recovery Effort for Uwajima City (2018/11/06)

    November 10, 2018

    Thanks to everyone participated to our donation program, Recovery Effort for Uwajima City”,  from August 5th to October 30th, we have gathered ¥60,000 JPY (approx. $400USD at Power Morphicon 2018 and the rest from  our donation page at our online store.) With your generous support and love, we personally handed the fund to the Mayor of Uwajima City on Nov. 6th at his office. 

    Uwajima City is the place I was born and raised, and we have CSTOYS country office where we shoot videos, work and relax in the beautiful atmosphere. And our country office was also damaged by the flood & heavy rains occurred on July 7th, 2018, and it is still on its way to recover now, just like the city itself. 

    This exclusive video will be premiered at 13:45 JST today on Saturday, Nov. 10th prior to our weekly live streaming show from 14:00 JST. Come and join the chat to talk about our latest toys and what Tokusatsu Community is capable of ;D

    To watch how CNN reported this, please visit the following link: 

    To learn about what happened in Uwajima, visit here:

    CSTOYS International

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