[Youtube Live] The Alternative Show (2018/04/21)

April 21, 2018

Oh, what a week it was! We traveled to other cities for pre-owned toys and did you see the fantastic selection of them? We posted our toy hunting trip pictures along the way, and hopefully, you enjoy the toys as long as the view of the beautiful towns in Japan as well.
And this weekend. We have received so many of the promotional toy, DX Hammer Dial Fighter! When we opened the box from our wholesalers, we just could not believe how generous they are to send us the amount of the giveaway item!! It is pretty rare that we get so many of Bandai's promotional thing like that we tell you from our experience! So be informed & quick for the special offer this weekend and get your hands on the golden item ;)
We will be demonstrating the latest new & pre-owned toys during "The Alternative Show" today from 2 to 4 PM JST and you are invited to be part of the show :) 
All of these items below will be bought to our store this coming Sunday at 8 PM JST. Please check our count down timer at our store at www.cstoysjapan.com and don't let anyone have your target toys :) 

Kamen Rider
Super Sentai
Pre-Owned Toys
  • [LOOSE] DX Turbo Rugger
  • [LOOSE] DX Ultimate Daizyujin
  • [LOOSE] DX Muteki Shogun
  • [LOOSE] DX Red Puncher (Scheduled to be demonstrated)
  • [LOOSE] DX Gunmajin
  • [LOOSE] DX Galaxy Mega
  • [LOOSE] DX Delta Mega
  • [LOOSE] DX Mega Voyager with Winger parts
  • [LOOSE] DX Deka Wing Robo
  • [LOOSE] DX GaoGod
  • [LOOSE] DX Engine G12
  • [LOOSE] DX ShinkenOh
  • [LOOSE] DX DaikaiOh
  • [LOOSE] DX Tora Origami
  • [LOOSE] DX Kyoryujin
  • [LOOSE] DX Minityra
  • [LOOSE] DX Jyudenryuu Zaktor
  • [BOXED] Super Sentai Artisan Dino Buckler
  • [BOXED] Super Sentai Artisan Zyuranger Medal Set
  • [BOXED] Super Sentai Artisan Aura Changer
  • [BOXED] DX Silverblazer
  • [BOXED] DX GaoBear & GaoPolar
  • [BOXED] DX GaoRhinos & Gaomadillo
  • [BOXED] DX GaoKong
  • [BOXED] DX Survive Buster
  • [BOXED] DX Machine Zecter
  • [BOXED] DX Gong Changer
  • [BOXED] DX Tensounder & Buckle Set
  • [BOXED] DX OOO Medal Holder
  • [BOXED] DX OOO Medal Extra Selection Set 1 & 2
  • [BOXED] DX Zombie Gashat (CandyToy Ver.) & Bugster Buckle
  • [BOXED] DX Beat Clawser
      CSTOYS International

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      [Youtube Live] The Alternative Show (2018/10/20)

      October 19, 2018

      “CSTOYS’ Alternative Show" is one of our live stream shows at our YouTube Channel. We do this show every Saturday, 2 - 4 PM J.S.T. and we unbox the newly arrived for the week and demo them. 

      To join the chat in this channel, you need to registered at YouTube first, and sign in, visit our channel and subscribe us. Join the chat and experience the excitement of unboxing the latest toys with your toku friends from around the world :)



      Kamen Rider Zi-O
      • DX Wizard Ridewatch (Scheduled for a demo) 
      • DX Faiz Ridewatch
      • Rider Kicks Figure Kamen Rider Cross-Z
      • Rider Kicks Figure Kamen Rider Grease
      • S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Build RabbitTank -20th Kamen Rider Kicks Ver.-
      • S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Faiz -20th Kamen Rider Kicks Ver.-
      Ultraman R/B
      • Candy Toy R/B Crystal Set 03
      Used Toys
      • [BOXED] DX Tokimeki Crisis Gashat
      • [BOXED] DX Congratulations Wizard Ring
      • [BOXED] Kamen Rider Hibiki Vinyl Figure
      • [LOOSE] DX Kyuren-Oh
      • [LOOSE] DX Pteraiden-Oh
      • [LOOSE] DX Abaren-Oh (Scheduled for a demo) 
      • [LOOSE] DX Daigoyo
      • [LOOSE] DX Magi Phone
      • [LOOSE] DX Gosei Blaster
      • [LOOSE] DX Wizard Driver & Ring Holder
      • [LOOSE] DX Genesis Driver
      • [LOOSE] DX Pineapple Lockseed
      • [LOOSE] DX Watermelon Lockseed
      • [LOOSE] DX Ghost Driver
      • [LOOSE] DX Cross-Z Dragon
      • [LOOSE] DX Transteam Gun & Steam Blade


      CSTOYS International

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        [Youtube Live] Today's Arrivals (2018/10/19)

        October 18, 2018

          "Today's Arrivals" is one of our live stream shows on our Youtube Channel. We do this show every Friday, 11 AM J.S.T. as we receive our latest toys from our wholesalers. We open the delivered boxes live & fresh, and show you the latest toys we are to bring to our store activation on the following Sunday at 8 PM J.S.T.

          The Expected New Items for this weekend:
          Join the chat and experience the excitement of unboxing the latest toys with your toku friends from around the world :) 

          CSTOYS International

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          [Toku Wave LIVE #283] The most bizarre weaponry the rangers used in their shows? (2018/10/15)

          October 18, 2018

          Thanks to our friends and customers retweeting our question for last Monday's program. Here is a quick list of those "bizarre" weapons our people finds from Super Sentai or Power Ranger Series. You agree or not, they have been all amazing and creative weaponry to face their villains. 

          The Most Bizarre Weaponry for Super Sentai & Power Rangers

          • Shinkenger / PR Samurai: The Pink Ranger Heaven fan
          • Lupinranger vs Patoranger: X-changer
          • Dynaman: Dyna Pink's Rose Saber
          • Go-Onger / PR RPM: Go-On Yellow's Racing Bullet
          • Zyuranger / MMPR: Zyusouken / Dragon Dagger
          • Kyoryuger / Dino Charge: T-Rex Smasher
          • Gao Ranger / Wild Force: Red Lion Fang
          • Sentai Cannons
          • Akibaranger: Munyu Munyu Zubaan
          • Bioman: Big Team Arrow
          • Gokaiger / Super Mega Force: Gokai Spear
          • Gao Ranger / Wild Force: Hustler Rod/ Lunar Cue
          • Goggle V: Gymnastics Ball, Hoop, Ribbon and Bats
          • Hurricanger / PR Ninja Storm: Dry Gun
          • Magiranger / PR Mystic Force: Boxing Gloves
          • Ohranger / PR Zeo: Giant Roller
          • Gorenger: the iconic ball-volley attacks
          • Akibaranger S2: DairanBomber 

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