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Ultraman Geed Pre-Orders & Impressions from the Fans

June 04, 2017

Hello customers of CS Toys International, today we are here to reveal the pre-orders for the Ultraman Geed toys, as well as look at fans are saying about the show! Ultraman Geed is newest Ultra series that will begin to air this July. Ultraman Geed is the son of Ultraman Belial, but is unaware of his past and lineage as he lives on Earth under the guise of Riku Asukura. However, that all changes when Riku discovers the Geed Riser, thus he regains his memories and the ability to transform! Once regaining his ability to transform Riku will combat the kaiju that terrorize the Earth. In addition, he will work alongside Ultraman Zero to save the world, and track down the menace summoning the kaiju, Kay Fukuide. Also, Riku Asukura may look familiar to fans of the Ultra series, as he is portrayed by Tatsuomi Hamada who previously was Nao in Ultraman Zero the Movie: The Revenge of Belial. Now, as for the toys to accompany Ultraman Geed, they range from DX Roleplay Items, DX Gimmick Sets, and Vinyl figurines. This year, Tsuburaya Productions and Bandai have opted out of reusing the Ultra Fusion Cards, as seen in Orb and have instead switched over to Ultra Capsules. Below is the listing for all the items we currently have on pre-order from Ultraman Geed; each of the items also feature a brief description on what the items are, and contain:



DX Geed Riser 

The DX Geed Riser is Riku Asukura’s transformation device to become Ultraman Geed. The product contains the Geed Riser, Loading Knuckle, Holder Clip and four Ultra Capsules. The four Ultra Capsules are Ultraman, Ultraman Belial, Red King, and Gomora. Ultraman and Belial can be used together to form Ultraman Geed Primitive whereas Red King and Gomora fuse to make Skull Gomora.


DX Ultra Capsule Holder & Belt Set

The DX Ultra Capsule Holder & Belt set is Riku’s storage device for his Ultra Capsules. The Holder can store up to four capsules in total. The set contains the holder, belt, buckle and stoppers. In addition, the set will come with DX Ultraman Orb Emerium Slugger Capsule.



DX Geed Claw

The DX Geed Claw is Ultraman Geed’s signature weapon. It is a handheld claw weapon that can Geed can use in any of his forms. To active attacks one must swipe the Geed Claw through the DX Geed Riser. This item also states it does not come with an Ultra Capsule.


DX Ultra Zero Eye NEO

Ultraman Zero makes his return within the series! However, he has upgraded his Ultra Zero Eye to the Ultra Zero Eye Neo, which one can also purchase in the toy line. Now, the DX Ultra Zero Eye Neo can be used to transform in Ultraman Zero. Yet, when combined with the Geed Riser it will allow one to power-up to become Ultraman Zero Beyond! The DX Ultra Zero Eye Neo will also come with two unidentified Ultra Capsules.

DX Ultra Capsule: Fusion Rise Set

The DX Ultra Capsule: Fusion Rise Set is the first of the Capsule sets to be released in the Geed toy line. Each Capsule set is stated to come with a variety of four Capsules. The Fusion Rise set will contain Ultraman Zero Luna Miracle, Ultraman Orb Spacium Zeperion, Arc Belial, and Maga Orochi.


DX Ultra Capsule: Solid Burning Set

The DX Ultra Capsule: Solid Burning Set features Geed’s Solid Burning form, which is the combination of Ultraseven and Ultraman Leo. In addition, the set will contain the Capsule for the kaiju, Earthron (Arstron), and Zero’s evil clone, Darkclops Zero.

DX Ultra Capsule: Acro Smash Set

The DX Ultra Capsule: Acro Smash Set features Geed’s Acro Smash form, which is the combination of Ultraman Cosmos, and Ultraman. The set also features the Capsules to summon forth the Fusion Beast, Thunder Killer. Those Capsules are Eleking, and Ace Killer.

DX Ultra Capsule: New Generation Heroes Set

The DX Ultra Capsule: New Generation Heroes Set pertains to the recent Ultras from the past few years. In total the set features Ultraman Ginga, Victory, X, and Orb Origin. Furthermore, it promotes Ultraman Orb’s Lightning Attacker form.

Ultra Hero Series 42: Ultraman Xead Primitive

Ultraman Geed Primitive is the figure for our Ultra in his base form!


Ultra Hero Series 43: Ultraman Geed Solid Burning

Ultraman Geed Solid Buring is the figure for our Ultra’s second form which is a fiery and strong combination between Master and Student!

Ultra Hero Series 44: Ultraman Geed Acro Smash

Ultraman Geed Acro Smash is the figure for our Ultra’s third form that combines the powers of two mighty blue Ultras!

Ultra Monster Series 80: Earthtron (Arstron)

Earthtron (Arstron) is a new updated figure for the classic kaiju which made its debut in The Return of Ultraman!

Ultra Monster Series 81: Tyrant

Tyrant is another updated vinyl figure for another classic and iconic kaiju from the Ultra series. Tyrant is a chimera-like kaiju composed of seven different creatures: Seagoras, Alien Icarus, Bemstar, Hanzagiran, Barabas, Red King, and King Crab. It made its debut in Ultraman Taro, where it managed to defeat five Ultras before Taro managed to stop it.

Ultra Monster Series 82: Zandrias

Zandrias is figure for a monster that has not be seen in nearly four decades; 37 years to be exact! Zandrias made its debut in episode 4 of Ultraman 80, alongside its child.

Ultra Monster DX Belial Fusion Beast: Skull Gomora

The first Ultra Monster DX Belial Fusion Beast figure is for Skull Gomora! Skull Gomora is the fusion of Red King and Gomora. This Fusion Monster will official make its debut in the first episode of Ultraman Geed.

All pre-orders will open on Sunday 8:00 pm JST, so please do not miss out on these items. In addition, we also reached out to fans on their thoughts of Ultraman Geed. Now, here is what the fans had to say:


“I'm on board for a show about Ultraman villain Ultraman Belial's son.” - SenselessVirus 


“Ultraman Geed looks amazing! I enjoy how the Ultra Capsules look like Zyudenchi, but I feel like they should have saved the Son of Belial plot for the actual endgame.” – Gundam Legacy Extreme 


“I could not believe Geed is Belial’s son. I was shocked when I first learned it” - Peter NG


“I think they are over marketing that he is the son of Belial, and hoping it will sell the series. Yet, I still have faith in the show since viewing Ultraman Orb” – Projektrdm


“I am so excited for GEED!” - Captain B-Money 


“Geed looks very promising and it looks like we might get some more on Belial’s backstory who has constantly appeared in the films. I also like the toy gimmick as it reminds me of the Zyudenchi from Kyoryuger.” - Dragon Zeron


"Seems Ultraman has found a certain niche gimmick they can use with the Ultra Fusions. Whether this can sustain the series long enough, or Geed will make the idea already milked will remain to be seen, but I hope for the best." - Janitor Joker


"Geed is VERY interesting, as it returns to the Ultraman Zero canon. Making the lead Ultra the son of an established villain is new ground for Tsuburaya, and I can't wait to see what happens." - ZeltraxMillenium


"I am liking the form designs and story so far. I can't wait to see the series when it airs. I hope it keeps the Ultra series going for a while." - Touma Kaito


Never the less, people are interested in Ultraman Geed! It does not matter if how one looks at, but it is safe to say the Ultra series is back to stay. Now, as for my take on Geed… I find it to be an interesting idea, especially due to the fact its continuing the Fusion gimmick is Orb was best known for. I can only hope that the series explains the reasoning behind the combinations used, and that the toy line will feature articulated figures! I do not doubt that Crunchyroll will be simulcasting the series either, so I eagerly wait its arrival. Anyways, we at CS Toys hope others are just as interested in Ultraman Geed as we are, and are interested enough to pre-order the toys here! Furthermore, in just a little while we will be announcing the campaign that we be running alongside the release of the DX Geed Riser, so please stay tuned…


- Wheelchair21 of Hero Club 

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