[Toku Wave LIVE #253] Are you from Hokuto, Seito, or Touto? (2018/02/12)

February 11, 2018

While we have been paying much attention to the latest Super Sentai, the Kamen Rider World is progressing too. This week, let's focus on the divided countries, Hokuto, Seito, and Touto
After the Sky Wall Disaster in the Build's world, Hokuto is for improving Social Welfare, Seito is claiming for its Economic Reform, and Touto where KR Builds, and his friends live seeking for Traditional Pacifism. Learning of how the Sky Wall changed people's lives in the story, what is your opinion on this question? Let us know your opinion on this, and we will talk about it in our FM radio program live tomorrow from 3 PM JST. 
The poll will be closed nearly at the end of our radio live-stream so don't wait, let us know what you think of :) We will introduce the poll result tomorrow during our radio program :D


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[Youtube Live] The Alternative Show (2018/03/24)

March 23, 2018

This week features a variety of new items from Kamen Rider Build to Godzilla! We have a new selection of vinyl figures. In addition, we received the newest VS Vehicles seen in the most recent episodes of Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger. Our USED selection also features some interesting finds! 

We will be demonstrating the latest new & pre-owned toys during "The Alternative Show" tomorrow from 2 to 4 PM JST and you are invited to be part of the show :) 

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[Youtube Live] Today's Arrivals (2018/03/23)

March 23, 2018

Okay, I know our update of our blog is behind our schedule and we are trying to catch up at our best now. We just received 2 big boxes for Today's Arrival show, but not only that, of course. You probably saw our instagram or twitter picture of the latest results of our another pre-owned toy hunting. There are so many to list there but just one and only, DX Live Boxer. The item is a loose item and the condition is not as great as you expect, however, the item IS a treasure! We didn't realize we could find it and to be honest with you, this is the first time for us to see the actual one and touch it, and sell it as it is!! So don't miss the review this weekend in the Alternative Show tomorrow from 2 PM JST at our Youtube Channel. 

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[Toku Wave LIVE #257] Toys "R" Us Memories to Share? (2018/03/19)

March 18, 2018

We remember those days when Toys'R'us opened their store in Matsuyama City in late 90's, and it eventually wiped out most of our local small toy stores in our area. Many of them were in the shopping arcades downtown Matsuyama, but people chose to take their kids in their cars to the toy giant in the suburbs. After over 20 years, the toy brand is closing all of their physical stores there in the US. Although Japanese Toysrus won't be affected by the closure of their counterpart according to Japanese news sources, the news hit the Toku community, and many fans are emotional with the story right now.

What is going on with US Toy industries, and where the future toys would go and be purchased at in future?

So this week, we would like to hear your story of Toys"R"us. 
Let us share your thought on this in tomorrow's Cstoys TOKU Wave Live FM Radio ;) https://youtu.be/-023FN5oBN4

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