Delivery Date Announcement for Pre-Order Items

Hi all. Thank you all for being patient with our pre-order service. We have updates on PB delivery date updates now for the following items. Bandai announced "March 2015" last year for these items and they decided to send them really at the end of March :( So we will have to ask you to be patient with them and us for their arrivals.  Thank you.  After March 30th [Mar. 2015] Capsule Lock Seed Armored Rider Set [Mar. 2015] Complete Selection Modification Rider Card Set [Mar. 2015] Com...

Cryner Apology :(

Dear Customers, I am very sorry to announce that there was a mistake in our listing of the Premium Bandai ToQger General Schwarz’s Kuliner (Cryner) Robo item. During out preorder period, the description of the item was said to include the singular elbow joint and the extra parts to change the toy into the normal Cryner Robo usually piloted by the Kuros in the series. This was a mistake on our part. The items were a part of a campaign from Premium Bandai, included with ...

Premium Bandai Items Have Arrived :D

  Nice. We really love the package of Chogokin DX ToQ-OH. And my personal favorite is the S.H.Figuarts Side Machine!!  These will be reviewed LIVE on this coming Saturday at 2 PM JST on our Ustream channel with other new arrivals, and will be contacting the pre-order customers for their EMS shipping fee by email. After we take care of these customers, we will bring some of extras to our store and activate them in one or two weeks later at Sunday Activation time.  Chogokin DX ToQ-Oh: ...

PB DX Chogokin ToQ-O was shipped out tonight :) And it is coming to us now.

  Yup, like I said, it is going to be super busy time is coming soon. It should get here by this weekend again and we are to be thrilled to demo this item on our live show on Saturday :)     

Bandai Shipped Out More Pre-Order Items for November tonight :)

Figuarts ZERO Dragon Ranger: 4 S.H.Figuarts Blory: 3 S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO Burakawani Combo: 5 S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Den-O Wing Form: 6 S.H.Figuarts Kemen Rider Famme: 10 S.H.Figuarts Side Machine: 9 They should be arriving here in our office by this weekend and we will be contacting our pre-order customers by next week :)  Wow, the busiest weekend and December is coming!