[NEW] The New Best Match, HawkGatling! (2017/09/15)

This week's arrivals features once again several restocks for our Kamen Rider Build section. In addition, there are new products for Kamen Rider Build too; like items related to his next Best Match, HawkGatling. Furthermore, the DX Saiko Kyutama has arrived which one can purchase to become Shishi Red Orion. Yet, that is not all as we have new Capsule Toys for both Kamen Rider, and Ultraman!

Mishandling with Order of Ultra-Act Zoffy Pre-Orders

Dear Customers, This post is in regards to the Tamashii Web Exclusive item of Ultra-Act Zoffy -Ultraman Mebius Special Set-. We received a total of five orders for this item during its pre-order opening period. Unfortunately, at the time of ordering our July items, the store did not ping back any orders for Ultra-Act Zoffy. Because no orders were showing up in our store, we failed to order any of the item, under the impression that no one purchased it. Obviously, our July items have arrive...

Today's Activation (2015/07/12)

Constant Contact is unfortunately down this evening for planned maintenance, so we're bringing you the latest Today's Activation updates from our store blog instead! Today is a BIG day for the world of Tokusatsu, in the most literal sense! The newest Ultraman series from Tsuburaya Productions, Ultraman X, will begin airing soon, and all the latest Ultra goods have arrived! This weekend we have the arrival of the X-Devizer, the transformation device for Ultraman X, as well as the Cyber Card S...

Today's Arrivals (2015/6/26)

Our latest arrivals on weekend :) We finally received our Pre-Order items for June! We will be demoing our latest arrivals tomorrow on our Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab_elOIBhpI Posted by シーエス・トイズ・インターナショナル on Friday, June 26, 2015

Today's New Arrivals (2015/01/09)

Happy New Arrivals in 2015!  Not much new item will be released this weekend for both Kamen Rider Drive or ToQgers but we have received:  DX Zenrin Shooter (2nd Wave) Capsule Toy Shift Car 06- Shift Deco Traveler- Shift Deco Traveler (Metallic Engine Ver.) - Shift Hooking Wrecker- Shift Hooking Wrecker (Metallic Engine Ver.) - Chaser Spider Viral Core- Chaser Spider Viral Core (Clear Ver.)  According to our wholesalers they are receiving more DX Mach Driver Honoh soon again and let'...

Just Received New Arrivals & Restock :)

We have just received more items :) Holiday Season won't wait for us and for our respected wholesalers :D    Kamen Rider Drive DX Shift Fruits & Drive Lock Seed Set Kamen Rider Drive Capsule Toy Shift Car 04 Dimension Cab (Metallic Engine Ver.) Bat Viral Core Bat Viral Core (Clear Ver.)  Cobra Viral Core Cobra Viral Core (Clear Ver.)  We will be activating these this coming Sunday Dec. 20th at 8 PM JST. 

Kamen Rider SummonRide!

It is still Wednesday here but our toyman could not help keeping us busy with the new series, "Kamen Rider SummonRide" as well as Hyper Hobby 2015 January Issue and the restock of DX Break Gunner. We will start selling them soon at our next Sunday Activation :)  Now choose your Kamen Riders and start your engine! SR-01 Light Ride Figure Set & Chip Set: KR Drive & Fourze SR-02 Dark Ride Figure Set & Chip Set: KR Decade & Blade SR-03 Wind Ride Figure Set & Chip Set: KR...

Yay! More New Arrivals today on Saturday (Nov. 29th, 2014)

    We have received: Fighting Action Robo To-Q Rainbow 66 Action Kamen Rider Series KR 555 KR Wizard KR Gaim Kachidoki Arms KR Drive Type Speed We will be demonstrating these today at 2 PM JST in our Alternative Show and come & join us in about 2 hours from how ;D [Alternative Show] http://bit.ly/lS7L7C

Premium Bandai Items Have Arrived :D

  Nice. We really love the package of Chogokin DX ToQ-OH. And my personal favorite is the S.H.Figuarts Side Machine!!  These will be reviewed LIVE on this coming Saturday at 2 PM JST on our Ustream channel with other new arrivals, and will be contacting the pre-order customers for their EMS shipping fee by email. After we take care of these customers, we will bring some of extras to our store and activate them in one or two weeks later at Sunday Activation time.  Chogokin DX ToQ-Oh: ...

Just received "Capsule Toy Shift Car 03" :D

Another new arrivals on Thursday! "Capsule Toy Shift Car 03" has 6 different kinds inside: Shift Wild Shift Wild (Metallic Engine Ver.) Shift Rumble Dump Shift Rumble Dump (Metallic Engine Ver.) Shift Justice Hunter Shift Justice Hunter (Metallic Engine Ver.) These will be reviewed LIVE on this coming Saturday at 2 PM JST on our Ustream channel with other new arrivals, and will be brought to our storefront and activated at 8 PM JST on Sunday, Nov. 30th.

An Update Regarding Our Store Activation

Please note that with the way the Shopify system works, we are unable to activate our new items in the same way as we did before. Before, the items were visible well before our activation time. However, with Shopify's system, we can not do this. Instead, our homepage will display a list of items to be activated on Sunday at 8 PM JST. At 8 PM JST, the items will activate and be displayed right on our homepage automatically. We hope this new process is as smooth for our customers as it is for u...

New Arrivals Today