Just Received New Arrivals & Restock :)

We have just received more items :) Holiday Season won't wait for us and for our respected wholesalers :D    Kamen Rider Drive DX Shift Fruits & Drive Lock Seed Set Kamen Rider Drive Capsule Toy Shift Car 04 Dimension Cab (Metallic Engine Ver.) Bat Viral Core Bat Viral Core (Clear Ver.)  Cobra Viral Core Cobra Viral Core (Clear Ver.)  We will be activating these this coming Sunday Dec. 20th at 8 PM JST. 

Just received "Capsule Toy Shift Car 03" :D

Another new arrivals on Thursday! "Capsule Toy Shift Car 03" has 6 different kinds inside: Shift Wild Shift Wild (Metallic Engine Ver.) Shift Rumble Dump Shift Rumble Dump (Metallic Engine Ver.) Shift Justice Hunter Shift Justice Hunter (Metallic Engine Ver.) These will be reviewed LIVE on this coming Saturday at 2 PM JST on our Ustream channel with other new arrivals, and will be brought to our storefront and activated at 8 PM JST on Sunday, Nov. 30th.