No-show today, but Tomorrow will be a Better Day... literally.

October 20, 2017

DX Transteam GunOur new items has been delayed today due to some mishandling at our wholesalers and they are coming tomorrow for sure. Oh well, it happens and we understand things do happen. And tomorrow will be another better day :)

The followings are the new & restocked items arriving to our office tomorrow for this weekend, watch out for the restocked DX Transteam Gun for this coming Sunday because it would go fast we believe. 
Ultraman Geed
-[NEW] Ultra Monster DX Chimeraberos: 3
-[NEW] DX Ultra Capsule Chimerabros Set: 12
Kamen Rider Build
-[NEW] RHS07 Fire Hedgehog Form: 5
-[NEW] Capsule Toy GP Full Bottle 03: 90 Capsule
-[RESTOCKED] DX Transteam Gun: 12
-[RESTOCKED] RHS01 Rabbit Tank: 1
-[NEW] Capsule Toy Kyutama 10: 120
-[NEW] Candy Toy Kyutama 6: 36
Also watch out our pre-owned toys! Some of them are super rare to find!
CSTOYS International 

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Still Waiting for the Second Wave of "DX Yujo & Medal Full Bottle Set" :(

December 12, 2017

Yujo & Medal Full Bottle SetDear Customers who pre-ordered or is planning to purchase the set,

Don't worry. If you have pre-ordered it with us, your order is confirmed. But it needs a little more time to arrive at our office.

Last week we received only 12 sets of DX Yujo & Medal Full Bottle Set as its first wave of what we have ordered. Due to its very first release, our entire order has not fulfilled at this moment, and we will have to ask you to wait for our second wave from our wholesalers in coming weeks.

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Packing Pictures, YES!. Packing videos, NO... at this time due to this Holiday season.

November 27, 2017

BFCMWow! Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale is leaving us with so many orders to ship out from today. Please be aware that we are getting an unusual large number of purchases from all over the world, and we will have to skip the packing video process from our routine packing procedures to send your orders as fast as we can. Don't worry we still take pictures of your items and post them to our Flickr channel so you can check them anytime.

Our packing team is preparing for your packing & shipping now, and we would like to ask your patience with our hard workers. Thank you again for using our service, and if you need any support regarding your orders, please contact us at

Happy Holidays. Sincerely, 

CSTOYS International

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Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale ( Friday Nov. 24th to Wednesday Nov. 29th)

November 24, 2017

BFCM2017Hello again, to the customers and fans of CS Toys International! The holiday season is upon us still, and we are ready for them with our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. This year we offer quite a few different bargains such sales on used items, discount codes, and bonus items!

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