[NEW] Ultraman Zero Rises Again! (2017/08/25)

August 25, 2017

 This week's arrivals is all about the Ultra Series! We have received several items for the on-going series, Ultraman Geed, specifically for Ultraman Zero. This week will mark the debut of Ultraman Zero Beyond, Zero's newest form. In addition, we have also gotten in more Mecha Collection items. These products are based on the Ultra Hawk featured in Ultraseven.

All of these items will be bought to our store this coming Sunday at 8 PM JST. Please check our count down timer at our store at www.cstoysjapan.com and don't let anyone have your target toys :) 
  • Ultraman Geed DX Geed Riser & Ultra Zero Eye Neo Set
  • Ultraman Geed DX Ultra Zero Eye Neo
  • Ultraman Geed DX Ultra Capsule New Generations Set
  • Ultra Hero Series 45: Ultraman Zero Beyond
  • Mecha Collection Ultraman Series No. 13 Ultra Hawk Alpha
  • Mecha Collection Ultraman Series No. 14 Ultra Hawk Beta
  • Mecha Collection Ultraman Series No. 15 Ultra Hawk Gamma

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