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[NEW] The True Ending Draws Near! (2017/08/04)

August 04, 2017

This week's arrivals features several toys from the upcoming summer movies for Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. First up, for the Uchu Sentai Kyuranger movie have DX Cerberus Voyager which can combine with the Voyagers to form Cerberios. Then for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending, we have the Mighty Creator VRX Gashat and the Hurricane Ninja Gashat. In addition, to the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid toys we have new Legend Rider Vinyls and Gashapon toys. Finally, we also have new Ultraman Geed items such as the DX Geed Claw, and the DX Ultra Capsule Acro Smasher Set!
All of these items will be brought to our store this coming Sunday at 8 PM JST. Please check our count down timer at our store at www.cstoysjapan.com and don't let anyone have your target toys :) 
Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
  • DX Cerberus Voyager: 36
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
  • DX Mighty Creator VRX Gashat: 12
  • DX Hurricane Ninja Gashat: 12
  • Legend Rider Den-O: 3
  • Legend Rider Wizard: 3
  • Legend Rider Gaim: 3
  • Legend Rider Ghost: 3
Ultraman Geed
  • DX Geed Claw: 12
  • DX Ultra Capsule Acro Smasher Set: 24
  • Ultra Hero Series 44 Ultraman Geed Acro Smasher: 24
  • Ultra Monster Series 80 Astron: 6
  • DX Ultra Monster Belial Fusion Beast Thunder Killer: 3

Pre-Owned Toys

  • Random Astro Switches
  • DX Saintkaiser

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