[NEW] The New, the Used, & the Restocks! (2017/08/11)

August 11, 2017

This week's arrivals is light when it pertains to new items. Yet, from what we received we got in two sought after S.H.Figuarts, and the first Capsule Toy Ultra Capsule series. In addition, we did get some items restocked. Furthermore, we have several newly acquired used toys to sell as well. 
All of these items will be bought to our store this coming Sunday at 8 PM JST. Please check our count down timer at our store at www.cstoysjapan.com and don't let anyone have your target toys :) 
Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
  • DX Kyurenoh: 2
Ultraman Geed
  • Capsule Toy Ultra Capsule Series 01: 90 capsules
Tamashii Nations
  • S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Orb Origin: 6
  • S.H.Figuarts Shinkocchou Seiho Kamen Rider Skull: 3
Pre-Owned Toys
  • DX Kyoretsu-Oh with all Engine Souls
  • DX Gigant Bragi-Oh
  • DX Gokai-Oh
  • DX Fourze Driver
  • DX Kivat Belt
  • DX Beast Driver
  • DX Drive Driver
  • DX Shiroi Mahoutsukai Driver
  • DX Ranger Key Set 06
  • DX Taddle Legacy Gashat
  • DX Cherry Energy Lockseed
  • DX Peach Energy Lockseed
  • PB DX Photo Suika Lockseed with Faceplate
  • PB DX O-medal Limited Exclusive Edition Extra Selection
  • PB DX O-medal Limited Exclusive Edition Extra Selection 2

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    [Youtube Live] Today's Arrivals (2018/12/13)

    December 13, 2018

    "Today's Arrivals" is one of our live stream shows on our Youtube Channel. We do this show every Friday, 11 AM J.S.T. as we receive our latest toys from our wholesalers. We open the delivered boxes live & fresh, and show you the latest toys we are to bring to our store activation on the following Sunday at 8 PM J.S.T.

    Join the chat and experience the excitement of unboxing the latest toys with your toku friends from around the world :) 

    CSTOYS International

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    [Toku Wave LIVE #291] So who is it or what is it? (2018/12/10)

    December 09, 2018

    So Goody knew it, and Goche Ru Medou knew it, but no-one else didn't see this coming!

    Noel Takao is a phantom thief as well as a member of the GSPO France branch, and also works as an engineer of the Lupin Collection who can modify them for human use. According to Kogure, Noel serves the Lupin family too. But we see he has his own goal, and he prefers to work alone to accomplish it. Next week in Episode 44, his true identity will finally be revealed. So we talk about him this week!

    CSTOYS 500 yen Gift CardRemember that every music request you send to us is entitled for our weekly drawing. The winner will be announced at the end of our radio program for his or her prize! 

    The Prize: 500 YEN Gift Card Code

    So don't wait! Send us Your Favorite Tokusatsu Music, from the links below:

    -Kamen Rider Music Request Form: https://form.jotform.com/61733125359961
    -Super Sentai Music Request Form: https://form.jotform.com/61733266088966
    -Ultraman Music Request Form: https://form.jotform.com/71398153914967

    It is super easy to request your Toku music and we will play your favorite music on our internet radio together with your name & Toku love to be heard!

    CSTOYS International

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    [Youtube Live] The Alternative Show (2018/12/08)

    December 08, 2018

    “CSTOYS’ Alternative Show" is one of our live stream shows at our YouTube Channel. We do this show every Saturday, 2 - 4 PM J.S.T. and we unbox the newly arrived for the week and demo them. 

    To join the chat in this channel, you need to registered at YouTube first, and sign in, visit our channel and subscribe us. Join the chat and experience the excitement of unboxing the latest toys with your toku friends from around the world :)


    Kamen Rider Zi-O
    • DX Decade Ride Watch (Scheduled for a demo) 
    • DX Ride Heisei Bar (Scheduled for a demo) 
    • DX Gaim Ride Watch
    • DX Ryuki Ride Watch
    • RHS10 KR Zi-O Decade Armor
    • RKF Legend Rider Series KR Ex-Aid
    • RKF Ride Armor Series Decade Armor
    • SG Ride Watch Set 01
    • SG Ride Watch Set 02
    • SG Ride Watch Set 03
      Used Toys
      • [BOXED] DX Great Cross-Z Dragan
      • [BOXED] DX D-Revovler (Scheduled for a demo) 
      • [BOXED] DX Siren Builder/Flashpoint Megazord
      • [BOXED] Gaim Mask Collection Legacy  (Scheduled for a demo) 
      • [BOXED] Souchaku Henshin Series Kamen Rider G3
      • [BOXED] Souchaku Henshin Series Kamen Rider G3-X
      • [BOXED] Souchaku Henshin Series Kamen Rider Gills 
      • [BOXED] Souchaku Henshin Series Kamen Rider Agito Trinity Form
      • [BOXED] Kamen Rider Agito 3 Monster Set
      • [BOXED] DX Cross-Z Dragon
      • [BOXED] DX Siren Builder
      • [BOXED] DX CB-01 Buster Ace
      • [BOXED] DX GT-02 Gorilla & RH-03 Rabbit Set
      • [BOXED] DX Build Driver
      • [BOXED] DX Gamer Driver
      • [LOOSE] DX Evol Driver
      • [LOOSE] DX Mach Driver Honoo & Shift Bikes
      • [LOOSE] DX Kiva Belt
      • [LOOSE] DX Sclash Driver
      • [LOOSE] DX Cross-Z Magma Kunckle
      • [LOOSE] DX RabbitTank Full Full Bottle
      • [LOOSE] DX Cross-Z Dragon
      • [LOOSE] DX Tridoron
      • [LOOSE] DX Pandora Panel & Full Bottles
      • [LOOSE] DX Maximum Mighty X & Hyper Mutwki Gashats
      • [LOOSE] DX Gashat Gear Dual
      • [LOOSE] DX Tategami Li-Oh
      • [LOOSE] DX Gigant Houoh
      • [LOOSE] DX Koshishi Voyager
      • [LOOSE] DX Engine DaiShogun
      • [LOOSE] DX Gosei Ground/Gosei Ground Megazord
      • [LOOSE] DX Great Gosei Ground/Great Gosei Ground Megazord
      • [LOOSE] DX Sengoku Driver
      • [LOOSE] DX Beast Driver & Ring Holder Set
      • [LOOSE] DX Build Driver
      • [LOOSE] DX Gaburevolver & Holder Set
      • [LOOSE] DX Mobirate
      • [LOOSE] DX Legend Mobirate
      • [LOOSE] DX Killer Oh
      • [LOOSE] DX Abarenoh
      • [LOOSE] DX Gosei Great
      • [LOOSE] DX Morphin Brace (without wrist straps) 
      • [LOOSE] DX Sparkling Full Bottle
      • [LOOSE] DX Seiza Blaster
      • [LOOSE] DX Hinawa Daidai DJ Gun

      CSTOYS Internationa

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