[Youtube Live] Today's Arrivals (2017/09/29)

September 29, 2017

Today's Arrivals (2017/09/29)This week's arrivals features even newer Kamen Rider Build items, and more restocks! In addition, we also got in the 2017 Movie Monster Series of Godzilla figures. Some of these figures act as previews for upcoming Godzilla anime film, Godzilla: Monster Planet! Furthermore, we got in some Ultraman items and Kyuranger restocks.
All of these items will be brought to our store this coming Sunday at 8 PM JST. Please check our countdown timer at our store at www.cstoysjapan.com and don't let anyone have your target toys :) 
Kamen Rider Build
  • DX Drill Crusher: 3
  • DX Full Battle GorillaMond Set: 12
  • DX Full Bottle HawkGatling Set: 24
  • DX Full Bottle NinninComic Set: 24
  • DX 4-koma Ninpoutou: 12
  • BCR Series 02 Kamen Rider Build Gorilla Mond: 12
  • Rider Hero Series Kamen Rider Build RabbitTank: 6
  • Rider Hero Series Nightrouge: 6
  • Rider Hero Series Kamen Rider Build Ninnin Comic: 6
  • Capsule Toy KR Build Remix Riders 01: 120 

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
  • DX Kyurenoh: 3
  • DX Seiza Blaster: 3
  • Candy Toy SG Kyutama 5: 36

  • Ultra BIG Sofubi: Ultraman Geed Primitive: 3
  • S.H.Figuarts Ultraman A-Type: 3
  • Movie Monster Series: Godzilla 2017: 6
  • Movie Monster Series: Servum: 6
  • Movie Monster Series: Godzilla 1995: 6
  • Movie Monster Series: Destoroyah: 3
Pre-Owned Toys
  • [BOXED] KR Kabuto: DX Kabuto Zecter
  • [BOXED] KR Kabuto: DX Hyper Zecter
  • [BOXED] KR Kabuto: DX Sasword Zector
  • [BOXED] KR Kabuto: DX Perfect Zector
  • [BOXED] KR W/Double: Super Best Henshin Series DX Double Driver
  • [LOOSE] KR W/Double: Capsule Toy Sound Gaia Memory Kintaros Ver.
  • [LOOSE] KR OOO: Super Best Henshin Series DX OOO Driver
  • [LOOSE] KR Ex-Aid: DX Gamer Driver with DX Mighty X Gashat
  • [LOOSE] KR Gaim: DX Kachidoki Lockseed
  • [LOOSE] KR Gaim: DX Peach Energy Lockseed
  • [LOOSE] Shinkenger: DX Shinkenoh
  • [LOOSE] Go-Onger: DX Ganbaruoh
  • [LOOSE] Goseiger: DX Gosei Grand
  • [LOOSE] Abaranger: DX Bakuryu Parasarokkiru with Bachycelo Dino Plate
  • [LOOSE] Abaranger: DX Bakuryu Bachycelonagurus with Bachycelo Dino Plate
  • [LOOSE] Abaranger: DX Bakuryu Ankyloveilus with Ankylo Dino Plate
  • [LOOSE] Gokaiger: DX Gokai Gun with Gokai Blue Rranger Key
  • [LOOSE] Kyoryuger: DX Zyudenchi de Carnival Set
  • [LOOSE] Zyuohger: DX Whale Gun

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All of these items will be bought to our store this coming Sunday at 8 PM JST. Please check our count down timer at our store at www.cstoysjapan.com and don't let anyone have your target toys :) 
We will do the demonstration for some of the new & pre-owned toys tomorrow from 2 - 4 PM JST at our Youtube Channel. Join the chat and make your new Toku friends from the world :)  

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