[In Talk with Shuki] Ultraman Geed has started airing and what is your thoughts about?

July 23, 2017

Ultraman is a franchise I never really thought I would get into it. When I hopped into the tokusatsu fandom again there was no currently airing series, and I was just so busy with Sentai and Rider. Ain't nobody got time for Ultraman, right?

I'm glad I was wrong. After a rocky start with trying to get into the franchise with Ultraman Ginga, a good old website called Crunchyroll announced they'd be simulcasting the newest series, Ultraman X. I was hooked. Flash foward to now, with Ultraman Geed being the newest series, and Ultraman once again has me hooked in both their toys and their show.

While Ultraman X and Ultraman Orb used Ultraman characters of the past, they were fairly independent. Ultraman Geed is my first series that actually uses some bits of previous Ultraman lore with Riku being the son of Ultraman Belial, the arch nemesis of Ultraman Zero, whom returns in this series. The series also uses the fusion concept introduced in Ultraman Orb, with Ultraman Geed using the powers of two different Ultraman to create new forms. However, this time, Geed introduces an all new gimmick in the form of Ultra Capsules and Kaiju Capsules.

 I find the toys incredibly fun to play with. The Ultra Capsules are small and collectible, but feature a fun little switch gimmick to "activate" their power. The bullet-like design is neat, and scanning them with the Geed Riser is oddly satisfying. The Ultra Capsules themselves are also incredibly affordable to collect, with a pack of four only costing ¥1200 on average! Plus with the plethora of sets on the horizon, even fans only buying the packs are sure to build quite the set by the time the show ends in a few months.

The series thus far is really interesting, as it slowly introduces us to the characters. In Episode 1 we're introduced to Riku (Ultraman Geed), his alien friend Pega, and a few of the people he interacted and lived with before the series began. We briefly see more side characters, but their major introductions aren't done until subsequent episodes, a nice change of pace compared to X or Orb. Riku is also a very lovable and relatable character, just being a tokusatsu obsessed teen that dreams of being a hero himself. The villain of the series also has a Geed Riser, using it to fuse two different Kaiju Capsules with the power of Belial to create new fusions of classic Ultraman Kaiju, creating some fun concepts for new monsters instead of the same old grind.

All in all, Geed is shaping up to be incredibly enjoyable. The show's currently aired two episodes (three at the time of this blog post) and released toys are both incredibly fun. If you haven't checked out Ultraman Geed for yourself, I urge you to hop on over to Crunchyroll and give it a shot! Premium members can view the newest episodes right after they air in Japan, while free users will be able to view the newest episodes a week later. Support Ultraman, support Crunchyroll, and most importantly, enjoy the show!




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February 25, 2018

Super Sentai or Power Rangers? It is a common question we hear all the time. The answer? It may not be the simple as it looks. We all know the origin of Power Rangers came from, but it seems both need each other more than ever since Saban and Hasbro announced the 26th season of PR is Power Rangers Beast Morphers, which will be the adaptation of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, the 36 season of  Super Sentai aired in Japan. This Japanese series was once skipped and canceled to become a Power Ranger Series with no official explanation, but it is coming back in 2019.  Why now? Why NOT Kyuranger (which was quite a success here in Japan as for the toy sales), but Go-Busters? 

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This week features a variety of Capsule Toys from both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. However, with the announcement of Power Ranger Beast Morphers, we went in search of Go-Buster items to add to our USED/ LOOSE section.
All of these items will be bought to our store this coming Sunday at 8 PM JST. Please check our count down timer at our store at www.cstoysjapan.com and don't let anyone have your target toys :) 
We will do the demonstration for some of the new & pre-owned toys tomorrow from 2 - 4 PM JST at our Youtube Channel. Join the chat and make your new Toku friends from the world :)  

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