[NEW] Early Capsule Toy Activation Tonight At 8 PM JST on June 27th, 2017

June 27, 2017

Capsule Toy Kyutama 06 Capsule Toy Sound Rider Gashat 10 Capsule Toy Sound Rider Gashat 11

Any wholesaler distributions have chances to be delay, postponed or canceled at its worst. Luckily we didn't get canceled what we ordered but they failed to be delivered to our office last weekend. Therefore we have decided to bring these new capsule toys tonight at 8 PM JST. We totally understand this comes to our regular customers unfairly due to our short notice, Time Zones differences and your everyday schedules but we are expecting more new items coming in July and we need to sell off these capsule toys before July comes.

We sincerely hope you understand our situation and help us to move on.

Happy Shopping.

CSTOYS International

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Ultraman Geed EP 4 - A Job Where You Investigate Aliens

July 29, 2017

The bicycle that Riku & Raiha bought was stolen! Riku chased the thief, but she stopped Riku's chase with a lightning blade from her hand. Riku asks Moa Aizaki, a childhood friend, who happens to be at the site to help him continue his chase. However, Moa is also chasing after the same girl. Soon the Kaiju, Eleking appears from out of nowhere, and Riku fusion-rises to confront the beast. Who is this thief? And what's with Moa and her job?
Enjoy the official weekly episode of Ultraman Geed! 


[In Talk with Shuki] Ultraman Geed has started airing and what is your thoughts about?

July 23, 2017

Ultraman is a franchise I never really thought I would get into it. When I hopped into the tokusatsu fandom again there was no currently airing series, and I was just so busy with Sentai and Rider. Ain't nobody got time for Ultraman, right?

I'm glad I was wrong. After a rocky start with trying to get into the franchise with Ultraman Ginga, a good old website called Crunchyroll announced they'd be simulcasting the newest series, Ultraman X. I was hooked. Flash foward to now, with Ultraman Geed being the newest series, and Ultraman once again has me hooked in both their toys and their show.

[In Talk with Shuki] Toy Package differences between US & Japan

July 16, 2017

Packages. Some people collect them, some people toss them, but there’s no denying that some great looking packaging can catch your eye on the toy shelf. While there are certainly some American toys that have some wonderful art on their boxes, Japan has the United States beat.

Most people reading this are super familiar with your standard Japanese packaging. especially in the world of Tokusatsu. You can always expect some bright, colorful packaging with group shots adorning the package, usually with the owner of the toy with a big image on the front. It’s bright and captures your attention instantly.