[UPDATED] CSTOYS' Deliverable Countries (As of June 16th, 2022)

[UPDATED] CSTOYS' Deliverable Countries (As of June 16th, 2022)

As Japan Post announced its policy updates on their EMS delivery fees, we have gathered our latest deliverable country information. Since the Pandemic changed the world and our lives in 2019, we have two shipping options, Japan Post and DHL

  • Japan Post (International Postal Service) 

    • Japan Post Co., Ltd. is a Japanese post, logistics, and courier headquartered in Tokyo. There are three leading international services called EMS, Airmail, and SAL. Before the Pandemic started in 2019, most of our customers used the SAL service for economical fees, fare delivery days, and traceability. But SAL service has been suspended due to the significant decrease of commercial international flights to carry their packages. Japan Post does not have its international cargo airplanes and depends on the global postal service network for international and local deliveries in the destination countries. Only EMS & Airmail services are available at CSTOYS now.
    • CSTOYS' Deliverable Countries with Japan Post (As of June, 2022) : 
      • USA (EMS Only) 
      • France (EMS Only) -UPDATED!
      • Ireland (EMS/Airmail) 
      • Belgium (EMS/Airmail) 
      • Switzerland (EMS/Airmail) 
      • Ukraine (EMS -Partial- / Airmail -Partial-)
      • Spain (EMS/Airmail) 
      • Thailand (EMS/Airmail) 
      • Philippines (EMS/Airmail) 
      • Malaysia (EMS/Airmail) 
      • Indonesia (EMS/Airmail) 
      • New Zealand (EMS/Airmail) 
    • If your country is not listed, please contact us by e-mail or Chat.
  • DHL (International Cargo Courier) 

    • DHL is the global leader in the logistics industry. They specialize in international shipping, courier services, and transportation. CSTOYS added their service to our operation in 2019 as the Pandemic began, and being not able to ship our packages with Japan Post. Unlike Japan Post, DHL has its international cargo flights and its worldwide transportation network, including local personnel and trucks in many countries for its trusted delivery. Their shipping fees may look more expensive than Japan Post costs, but we have our total confidence in their support and security in difficult times like the CONVID-19 situation or conflicts.

    • CSTOYS' Deliverable Countries with DHL (As of June 2022) :
      • Australia
      • Canada
      • USA
      • United Kingdom
      • Netherlands
      • Germany
      • France
      • Italy
    • If your country is not listed, please contact us by e-mail or Chat.deliverable-country-map-DHL

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