Today's New Arrivals (2015/01/09)

January 09, 2015

Happy New Arrivals in 2015! 

Not much new item will be released this weekend for both Kamen Rider Drive or ToQgers but we have received: 

  • DX Zenrin Shooter (2nd Wave)
  • Capsule Toy Shift Car 06
    - Shift Deco Traveler
    - Shift Deco Traveler (Metallic Engine Ver.) 
    - Shift Hooking Wrecker
    - Shift Hooking Wrecker (Metallic Engine Ver.) 
    - Chaser Spider Viral Core
    - Chaser Spider Viral Core (Clear Ver.) 

According to our wholesalers they are receiving more DX Mach Driver Honoh soon again and let's wait for another week ;D