We simply Accept Credit Cards (with/without Paypal)

May 15, 2016

Yup, simple as that. Now we can take credit cards at our store. But wait! We have been taking credit cards for years since we started our business when Magiranger was airing here in Japan (was it 2005?) . So what is so special about this? 

Yes, we have been able to process your credit cards but only through Paypal. But there was always a same issue bothered our customers (specially new customers to use us...) wether they should have a paypal account or not. Our customers do not have to have a paypal account and they can still use their credit cards at our site with Paypal's "External Gateway" service. Nice, right? But not so...

It is always nice to have another option to use any services I believe, however, it has been a kind of showdown for our new and first customers who is not really familiar with "Paypal" services at all. No wonder our new customers get puzzled when it comes to their checkout pages and see "Paypal" logo and some cases they just gave up our services :( 

Thanks to Stripe.com, now we can simply accept your credit cards (Visa, Master, Amex and Debit cards) without worrying about wether you should use Paypal or not. Of course you we continue to use Paypal Payments but as I said, it is always nice to have a backup plan :) 

Happy Shopping!


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HERO☆STAR's Anime & Tokusatsu Karaoke Battle Contest (2017/02/26)

February 18, 2017

HERO☆STAR's Anime & Tokusatsu Karaoke Battle ContestToday, on the ALTERNATIVES Show we announced that our friends at HERO☆STAR Café & Bar are hosting a Karaoke Contest. HERO☆STAR calls this karaoke contest the “Anime & Tokusatsu Karaoke Battle”, showcasing two of Japan’s best genres on February 26th. It will feature a variety of ways in which fans can compete. Fans can choose to attend or compete, incorporate cosplay performances, and it will have a section for international entries. The international entries though will need to submit recordings beforehand. In addition, we here at CS Toys International will broadcast the event through our YouTube, and FaceBook live-streams. The rules on entering the karaoke battle, and process for international fans to join are listed below:

Kyuranger! The Second Wave has Arrived!!

February 14, 2017

Kyuranger!Wow. The first wave of Kyuranger items were massive amount and it was the largest wholesale we ever invested, and most of them went out of stock right after we activated them last Sunday. In the desperate request emails we receive from our customers, we contacted our wholesalers next morning and negotiated with them for more of them. They said they were about to pack them and send them to other shops in Japan but they held them for us and decided to wait for our another order for the 2nd wave before 1 PM JST on Monday, Feb. 13th. I was on my way to Uwajima City for the CSTOYS Toku Wave radio recording from 3 PM JST, but I stopped by at one famous hamburger chain store and was on my laptop computer while biting one of their hamburgers. Figured the how many of each Kyuranger items are needed from our store and typed on emails to our wholesalers and BANG! Hit the return key. Submission completed. 

Your Next Destination: City of Matsuyama & Uwajima

February 09, 2017

Visiting Hero Star BarIt has been our great pleasure to welcome our customers & friends to our cities, Matsuyama & Uwajima. So far, we have hosted 7 friends in Matsuyama City including:


  • Otoya (Malaysia, 2009)
  • Dennis (Netherland, 2013)
  • Mattias (Sweden, 2014)
  • Otoya (Malaysia, 2016)
  • Dennis (Netherland, 2016)
  • Char350 (USA, 2016)
  • TyphoonBang (USA, 2016)
  • Rico (USA, 2016)
  • Rory (UK, 2016) 

Now we are pleased to add one another friend to the list, SpecialForm12”, and he visited Matsuyama from Jan. 28th to 31st. Continues...