We simply Accept Credit Cards (with/without Paypal)

May 15, 2016

Yup, simple as that. Now we can take credit cards at our store. But wait! We have been taking credit cards for years since we started our business when Magiranger was airing here in Japan (was it 2005?) . So what is so special about this? 

Yes, we have been able to process your credit cards but only through Paypal. But there was always a same issue bothered our customers (specially new customers to use us...) wether they should have a paypal account or not. Our customers do not have to have a paypal account and they can still use their credit cards at our site with Paypal's "External Gateway" service. Nice, right? But not so...

It is always nice to have another option to use any services I believe, however, it has been a kind of showdown for our new and first customers who is not really familiar with "Paypal" services at all. No wonder our new customers get puzzled when it comes to their checkout pages and see "Paypal" logo and some cases they just gave up our services :( 

Thanks to Stripe.com, now we can simply accept your credit cards (Visa, Master, Amex and Debit cards) without worrying about wether you should use Paypal or not. Of course you we continue to use Paypal Payments but as I said, it is always nice to have a backup plan :) 

Happy Shopping!


Also in What's New with CS Toys?

New to CSTOYS? Here is the list of what we can do for you :)

January 16, 2017

Our store has been around about more than 10 years now. And we have been blessed with our royal customers and friends since we started this business. As we grow, we see more new people contacting us for how to use our service. So we here we are listing what we are doing :) 
  • Who are "we"?
    We are a Japan-based Tokusatsu Toy online store located in Matsuyama City, Ehime  Prefecture on Shikoku Island. 
  • What does "CSTOYS" stands for? 
    The naming comes from our original founders of the store, "Corpuz" and "Seike". Since the partner left us, now the store is owned & directed by Masaki Seike, Director of CSTOYS International. 
  • How Can I buy my toys at your store?
    We sell New & Pre-Owned (or Used Toys) . We bring these toys to our store every Sunday at 8 PM JST so please check our count down timer at our store on the top. 
  • What payments do you accept? 
    We accept PayPal, most of major Credit Cards. 
  • Do you provide tracking info for my orders? 
    Yes, we do. we offer our tracking code every package we send. 
  • Can I estimate my shipping fee before we purchase? 
    Yes, please. Our shopping cart equipped with our Shipping Fee Calculator for your estimation. 

New Toy Activation on New Year's Day at 8 PM JST

January 01, 2017

Happy New Year everyone ;)
Since it is our National Holiday here in Japan, we do not have much new items but only 2 items.
  • Capsule Toy Sound Gashat 01 (No Rare Ver. this time due to the limited stock) 
  • S.I.C. Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed
These two will be activated tonight at 8 PM JST at our store.
Also we are bring more of our "Coming Soon Items" in both Jan. and Feb. 2017 in a couple of days and make sure to check us out and pre-order them ;) 
Thank you for using our service in 2017 ;D
Our Store Operations during the Holiday Season

December 26, 2016

‪Good day everyone. We are closing our store this afternoon on Monday Dec. 26th for our year-end inventory check. We will reopen the store at 8 PM JST Dec 29th.‬ 

Although our store opens again from Dec. 29th, our packing won't start again until January 5th, 2017 due to our holidays. 

Thank you very much for using our service in 2016 and we will see you in January 2017 and wish you all the best in the new year! 

Cstoys International