Q: My package was sent back to Japan :( What should I do?

May 21, 2015

A: Please contact us first at cstoysjapan@gmail.com with your invoice # and we will have to wait for the package to be back here in our office. Due to the international delivery, it may take 2 to 3 week (sometimes even more...)  for the package to arrive here. And when it arrives here, we will start the investigation what happened to the package and why it was sent back to us and we will follow the chart below.  

For your info, here we listed a series of our Flickr pictures showing the actual returned packages and how we handled them. Go ahead and click on them to see how we processed them by each process. Some items are still in on going process too. 



We are also aware of the handling returned items should be treated case by case and we would like to ask all of our customers to contact us  with your invoice # first, so we can work it out together with you. 

Thank you :)