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Super Sentai Series

Super Sentai’s toy line ranges from the Sentai Hero Series of vinyl figures to Changers, to DX Robo, and everything in between. Some are gimmick-heavy, and some aren’t. Regardless, you can expect one thing when jumping into Super Sentai’s toy lines: fun!

Super Sentai Collection

Kamen Rider Series

In 1971, Ishinomori, to adapt his popular manga Skullman, created the grasshopper warrior known as Kamen Rider (or Masked Rider). Kamen Rider would explode in popularity and has since spawned over 25 incarnations, over 30 leading Riders, and plenty of exciting and unique stories and characters. 

Kamen Rider Collection

Ultraman Series

The series starred a warrior from the Land of Light that would select a host human on Earth. These humans have the ability to transform into an Ultraman to defend Earth against the growing threat of the various kaiju in the series.

Ultraman Collection

CSTOYS Life Stream

Tokusatsu stories are fiction based on Japanese Culture and we love to share what they are made of as well as our weekly toy hunting results.